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DS download ( Android )


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*You must own a Synology NAS to run this app*

DS download allows you to access Download Station remotely from your Android device: you can view your download task list and the information about an individual task, as well as pause, resume or delete tasks. Whether through Web browsers (the device’s native browser or the one in-built in DS download), or simply by inputting the url, you can create download tasks on-the-go. DS download also allows to manage key settings of Download Station: maximum upload and/or download speeds can be set for different types of downloads. Advanced schedules defined in Download Station can be activated/deactivated from DS download.

With DS download you can:
-View your list of download tasks as well as information about individual tasks
-Filter tasks currently downloading
-Pause, resume or delete tasks (individually or an entire list of download tasks)
-Create download tasks through the inbuilt Web browser (tap link) or by inputting url/download links directly
-Create download tasks through the native browser for supported links (ftps://, sftp://, magnet://, http://, https://, ftp://, thunder://, flashget://, qqdll:// – Download Station 3.3 may be required for certain link types)
-Create RSS downloads (RSS sources can only be added from Download Station)
-Bookmark pages in the app’s inbuilt Web-browser
-Set maximum upload/download speeds depending on the type of download task
-Activate advanced schedules for downloads (schedules must be defined in Download Station)
-Supports encrypted login over HTTP without SSL
-Supports HTTPS connection
-Requires Download Station 3.2
-Supported on devices running Android 2.1 and onwards

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