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Need An xCoud For Your Synology?
« : Aralık 04, 2012, 08:29:02 öö »
【FREE Trial】Official xCloud for Synology:30-day’s Free Trial

With xCloud 3.2.0 published on xCloud official site last week, xCloud server official version (for Synology) is also published on xcloud.cc 2nd November.

Improvements in [size=150]mobile client[/size] 3.2.0:

For iOS:
A) xCloud Free version: (Free all over the world)
1.File transfer pause/resume function.
2.Sharing photos with others available
3.Performance improved
4.Connect to PC automatically

B) xCloud Platinum: ($4.99)
1.Downloading available
2.File transfer pause/resume function.
3.Sharing photos to Twitter or Facebook with others available
4.xCloud Neighbor
5.Remote Wake over Internet function is available

For Android: (Free all over the world)
1.Improves the stability of transmission and connectivity
2.Beautifies the visual experience
3.Sharing photos to Twitter, Facebook with others available

Changes in official [size=150]Synology client[/size]:
A) According to the feedback of users in beta period, many bugs in previous beta versions are fixed.
B) Besides, with the functions improved and strengthened, xCloud official server will provide users a 30-day free trial period before they need to purchase it for the full functions of xCloud.

If you have any questions about xCloud, please refer to http://xcloud001.blogspot.tw/for help
Or contact us at:
Support: support@xcloud.cc
MSN: xcloud001@hotmail.com
Twitter: xCloud001
Skype: xCloud001
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xcloud.dteam


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Ynt: Need An xCoud For Your Synology?
« Yanıtla #1 : Aralık 04, 2012, 08:31:07 öö »
xCloud is currently in its Version 3.3.1 for Android:

Improvements in Version 3.3.1:

1.The upload management interface has been optimized; and transmission is more stable.
2.The login has been optimized, and login by scanning within LAN is supported.

Download xCloud to your Android for FREE from Google Play

FREE xCloud is in its Version 3.3.1
Download xCloud to your iOS for FREE from iTunes app store

xCloud Platinum is in its Version 1.3.3
Download xCloud Platinum to your iOS at $4.99 from iTunes app store